2017 Solar Eclipse - Camping at 9-Corners Ranch
The Cambridge House Bed & Breakfast is completely booked for the August 21st solar eclipse. However, the owners of The Cambridge House also own forested mountain property within the line of totality, very near the center, and it is being opened up to campers. The property is located in Grant County, Oregon, between the towns of Prairie City and Unity, and is bisected by highway 26. It is surrounded on all sides by Malheur National Forest, and will be the perfect place to view the eclipse. Campers will need to be completely self-contained, as there are no hook-ups for RVs.
If you are interested in learning more, or would like to make reservations, please contact Sheila at 208-880-4994, or email cambridgebb@ctcweb.net.‚Äč